Industrieofen- & Anlagenbau GmbH Bad Königshofen

Bad Königshofen
Industriestraße 19
97631 Bad Königshofen

Phone: +49 9761 403-0
Fax: +49 9761 403-54


Managing directors: Florian Graf, Thomas Kneuer, Philipp Seifert

Headquarters of the company: Bad Königshofen
Registrar of Companies: Schweinfurt
Registration no: HRB 2433
Turnover identification number according to § 27 a turnover law: DE 811 568 794
Tax number: 205 / 129 / 30000
Responsible for the content according to § 55 paragraph 2 RStV: Florian Graf, Thomas Kneuer, Philipp Seifert

Bank accounts:
Commerzbank Schweinfurt, BLZ 793 400 54, Kontonr. 653168500, IBAN DE 24 7934 0054 0653 1685 00
Genobank Rhön-Grabfeld eG, BLZ 790 691 65, Kontonr. 7113269, IBAN DE 35 7906 9165 0007 1132 69

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