Few mechanical engineering products work as long and as reliably as our heat treatment systems. Over time, however, the constantly changing and strengthening industry standards for heat treatment necessitate upgrades. In this context, we are your competent partner for:

  • Performance upgrades
  • Relocation
  • Renewal of heating systems or refractory linings
  • Upgrades of process control systems
  • Conversions of e.g. S5 to S7 controllers
  • Software updates

We can provide these services as an integrated package, combining all, few or providing just one. For doing so, we rely on our extensive experience in this field and on the expertise of our internationally deployable technicians and assemblers.


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Maintenance & replacement parts

To guarantee the full production capability of your furnace systems, all industrial furnaces and furnace systems need to be maintained on a regular basis. We offer professional maintenance and repair work for all furnace installations – our own products and those of third parties – and also support you when relocating within or outside your current facilities. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to enter into a complete maintenance agreement with us or only outsource individual services.

Furthermore, we can provide spare parts for all our furnaces and furnace systems in original quality. Since we have access to all drawings and construction documents, including to those of our predecessor firm, the Ferdinand Schwarz KG, we can buy original and spare parts even for those furnaces. To ensure supply, even on short notice, we hold semi-finished parts and a wide range of materials for refractory and fiber linings, allowing us to produce individualized replacement parts and perform repair works. If you need replacement parts for industrial furnaces of third parties, most commonly we can also manufacture and provide sophisticated components for those instances.

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Contract manufacturing

Welding construction

Due to our large factory halls, the crane systems of various sizes, the newest welding equipment and an effective production, we are best suited for welding construction in any form. Only qualified workers ensure the best quality. Whether it is a single part, a small series or large components, production is possible using a wide range of welding processes.

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Switch cabinet construction

Only qualified workers in switchgear cabinet and electrical system construction manufacture switchgear cabinets according to the individual wishes and factory standards of our customers at our company location, on an area of around 300 square meters. Clarity and compliance with applicable standards are just as high a priority for us as execution at the highest level of quality. This is what our highly qualified electrical engineers and power electronics technicians stand for with their many years of experience.

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